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Year 3 boys send a birthday card to the Queen

Published on isbi School News dated Wednesday 4th of May 2016

To celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday, St John’s Beaumont School Year 3 boys (known as Bellarmine) have sent a birthday card to the Queen which they have designed and drawn for her, based on the design of a £1 coin. Each of the boys drew a cameo of the Queen, within the outline of her face, as can be seen in the attached photos. Inside they pasted photos from the Queen’s visits to the school, in 1961 and again in 2009, when she opened the new Sports Hall; and they wrote a verse for her, using the letters of her name: Eloquent in all you do Loving to your country too Inspire the public every day Zealous approach to what you say Always, health and happiness, for you we pray Beautiful in every single way Each of us hope to meet you one day Thank you for all that you continue to do Hope your 90th birthday wishes come true. Signed by the Bellarmine boys. The card is being sent to the Queen with a pictorial history book, written this year by Dr Andrew Plant our Director of Music, which chronicles the history of the school since it was built in 1888 and includes the 2 visits the Queen made. With the school set so close to Windsor Great Park we do hope that she will enjoy reading about the history and remembering her visits during her reign.
Year 3 boys send a birthday card to the Queen  - Photo 1Year 3 boys send a birthday card to the Queen  - Photo 2
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