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Around the World in Eighty Minutes with Shell Pupils

Published on isbi School News dated Wednesday 15th of June 2016

The Shell Play this year told the story of a family on a World tour to celebrate Dad’s birthday. “Around the World in Eighty Minutes” was an extravaganza of songs and dances from every continent. The family started their world tour by walking 500 miles to Scotland where they visited the Edinburgh Festival, and LSB performed an energetic highland jig. The journey continued with solo singing by Patrick and Olivia, accompanied by Ollie and Kushi; it is rumoured that several of the audience were shedding a tear or two at this point! The family then travelled to meet up with the surfers of the USA before travelling down to South Carolina to see UST performing the world-famous Charleston. Their dancing was described as very impressive, and was performed with ‘precision and flair’. From there, the family travelled to South America and the party capital of Brazil, where LSP danced the Macarena. It then got a bit ‘Ice Ice Baby’ for LSE as the family arrived in Antarctica. They then visited the Allianz Stadium to see the All Blacks beating Australia in the Bledisloe Cup. The world-famous, intimidating Haka was performed by USS, and Mrs Brooks, Head of Shell, commented that this was a real highlight of the show. Shell then travelled back in time to Ancient Egypt where the audience enjoyed a retelling of the history of Tutankhamun with just about everyone in the scene dropping down dead! USD then walked like Egyptians ending in a pyramid. The finale took the audience to India and all 118 Shell pupils joined together to perform a Bollywood extravaganza to ‘Jai Ho’. Mrs Brooks said that ‘The spontaneous singing by the pupils showed how much fun they were having and the sight of so many pupils in unison dance was wonderful.’ The family returned home to England and the audience helped Shell to end the show with a rousing rendition of Jerusalem. Every pupil in Shell was able to participate in the show and their hard work and enthusiasm shone through. In Shell's words, the night was 'FAB-U-LOUS!'
Around the World in Eighty Minutes with Shell Pupils - Photo 1Around the World in Eighty Minutes with Shell Pupils - Photo 2Around the World in Eighty Minutes with Shell Pupils - Photo 3
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