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Published on isbi School News dated Monday 10th of October 2016

Godolphin School, Salisbury, will be hosting an Environment Week running from October 7 – 14. The school currently holds their bronze and silver Eco Schools awards and would like to achieve gold status soon. Throughout the week, the girls and staff will be encouraged to think about: how they get to school – could they car share, walk or ride a bike; how much energy they use; the food they eat – how much energy is used to prepare it, could they eat less meat, and could there be less waste? There will also be a Fair Trade Testing Centre set up in the school and each day throughout the week the girls will have the opportunity to taste various Fair Trade products and their counterparts to see if they can tell the difference – among the foods being tested will be chocolate, bananas, brownies, juice and flapjacks! There are activities planned throughout the week at both Godolphin Prep and Godolphin where the senior and sixth form students will be conserving energy, creating a Fair Trade Fashion Show and (for those with a licence) test driving an electric car. Specialist events during the week include “Any Green Questions” with a panel of four eco-experts, a Fair Trade Fashion Show and an ‘Inspiring People’ lecture given by Mr Stephen Tindale entitled ‘Climate Change – Fact or Fiction’. The full programme of events, including those to which the public are warmly welcome, is available on the school’s website –
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