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An Academic Insight

Published on isbi School News dated Wednesday 12th of October 2016

Our belief is that children need to be offered a broad and balanced education, supported by a strong co-curricular and pastoral programme, which develops skills and interests in a variety of areas. At Kent College Preparatory School every girl has the opportunity to excel and surpass her expectations in a supportive and inspirational environment. We achieve academic excellence without cramming and allow our girls the time to grow, to think, to be curious, discover what they enjoy and what they can achieve. The main focus is to build firm academic foundations and to encourage a love of learning amongst all girls from the Nursery through to Year 6. We realize academic expectations with a well-structured system of proven learning techniques and offer academic enrichment. Examples include visiting speakers and workshops, excursions to galleries, museums and places of interest, outdoor lessons, themed and cross-curricular days. This is enhanced with teaching in specialist areas such as French, Mandarin, Sport, Technology and Music provided by dedicated, qualified and inspirational teachers. Having the flexibility to offer small class sizes enables us to go beyond the minimum requirements of the National Curriculum, introducing some subjects earlier and delivering others in greater depth. We are proudly small enough to know every child and to accommodate her needs so that she can flourish and excel. "Teachers match work to the needs of each pupil, so that all abilities have the chance to achieve as well as they can.” Independent Schools Inspectorate 2016 Our wonderful setting on 75 acre rural parkland enhances learning with opportunities to play and learn outdoors either in our bluebell woodland, veg patch, Confidence Course or outdoor play area. Girls learn by exploring and this is a very important part of school life. In January, the School was delighted to be awarded the top accolade of ‘excellent’ in the Independent Schools Inspectorate report, with specific praise for the teaching and educational experience: "From the Early Years Foundation Stage onwards, pupils’ achievement is excellent and they attain high standards in their work. They demonstrate intellectual curiosity and a love of learning.” Independent Schools Inspectorate 2016 Towards the end of her education with us, we have great success at preparing girls for the Senior School, without exerting an excessive amount of stress or pressure. Our aim is that girls move forward as confident, caring, communicate young ladies with a love for life, thirst for learning and still curious of the world around them.
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