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Starting School

Published on isbi School News dated Wednesday 12th of October 2016

Whether your child is joining a Nursery or Reception class, moving up a year or starting their secondary education, this new chapter often brings change for both children and parents alike. The end of the summer holidays can often be an anxious time for families ahead of the changes that joining a new school can bring, but it is worth remembering that most children love school and will go on to make the most out of their education. Prior to joining a new school, many will offer a comprehensive induction programme to ensure the whole family have a smooth transition. At Kent College we provide information sessions for parents, an individual consultation with the class teacher, and girls will have been invited in on several occasions, to meet classmates and teachers and to prepare themselves for this new chapter. At home, useful tips to help with the transition include talking positively about starting school and your child’s hopes and worries, there are many books that can help to start the conversation. For younger children, ‘Little Rabbit Goes to School’ and ‘I am Absolutely Too Small for School’ are all great reads. Starting the rhythm of a routine with regular bedtimes, morning rises and trial ‘school runs’ will be valuable to the whole family before the term begins and trips to buy uniform and items such as pencil cases and lunchboxes will bring the topic to the front. Encourage your children to socialise with any fellow ‘school starters’, especially if you are travelling in from a similar area, and parents too can embrace the opportunities available through the wider school community. There will be a whole new year group of parents and children in the same boat, you can all connect and support one another. Seek the PTA’s contact details, they regularly meet and welcome in new members. It is worth remembering that despite any nerves, that children will quickly be settled by their teacher and involved in the new and exciting activities that a new school or year group will bring. We appreciate how hard it can be for many children and their parents and take great care in looking after everyone in the Kent College community.
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