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Comedy Legends Inspire Bedales’ Students

Published on isbi School News dated Wednesday 2nd of November 2016

A fundraising evening featuring comic greats John Lloyd and Harry Enfield has raised more than £7,000 for Bedales Schools’ charitable bursary arm – the John Badley Foundation. The event, held on 17 October, saw a packed-out lecture theatre of students, parents and alumni captivated by tales of the luminaries’ careers. Comedian, actor, writer and director Harry Enfield, who rose to fame as Saturday Live’s Greek kebab-shop owner, Stavros and iconic 80s builder Loadsamoney, told writer and producer John Lloyd, known for Not the Nine O’Clock News, Spitting Image, Blackadder and QI, that he was his hero. The duo, who first worked together on the hit satirical TV show, Spitting Image, had some sage advice for the student body. John said: “it is absolutely vital that you do something you love, never ever do a job just because it is well paid, that is contemptible and you’ll hate it… The great thing about doing something you love, is that you may not be rich but you are much more likely to be happy; and paradoxically, you stand a very good chance of also being rich.” They also stressed the importance of being persistent, always being honest and that if you wanted to launch your own career in TV, technology and the rise of YouTube has made it more viable. One parent said: “It was a privilege to spend an hour with two comic geniuses” and a member of the school’s alumni said that the event “taught me I still have a lot to learn about life!” The John Badley Foundation awards 100% bursaries, covering the cost of all Bedales School fees and extras like school trips that are important to further students’ studies. Head of Development at Bedales, Veryan Vere Hodge said: “We are thrilled that John and Harry have helped us raise over £7,000 for the John Badley Foundation, which gives young people the life-changing opportunity that a Bedales education can provide. “The Foundation looks to support children whose family circumstances mean that an independent school education would otherwise be completely out of reach and who display the strength of character that Bedalians would admire. Applicants are actively encouraged who show clear talent in areas such as music, drama, dance, art, design, sport or academia, especially from pupils in their final primary school year. Through working in partnership with charitable organisations such as The Springboard Bursary Foundation and Buttle UK, the Foundation helps to provide boarding places for particularly vulnerable children.” The John Badley Foundation is the working title for Bedales School Development Trust, Registered Charity Number 1138332.
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