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Stourbridge School Supports Government Mental Health Priorities

Published on isbi School News dated Thursday 5th of January 2017

At the beginning of the Lent Term staff at Old Swinford Hospital, took part in a CPD day that focused on building emotional reliance in young people. The training day follows the guidance document published in March 2016 by the Department for Education. The DfE document provides advice on mental health and behaviour in schools and sets out to help schools promote positive mental health. Around 70% of UK children and adolescents who experience mental health problems have not had appropriate interventions at a sufficiently early age , and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development forecasts that by 2030, mental health matters will impact more negatively on the global economy than any other. Guest speakers for the CPD day included Clinical Psychologist Dr Rebecca Johnson, Mindfulness coach Vari McLuskie and award-winning mental health campaigner Jonny Benjamin. Jonny was recognised in the 2017 New Year’s Honours List with an MBE for his services on mental health campaigning. His story was the subject of a Channel 4 documentary ‘The Stranger on the Bridge’ broadcast in 2015. Headmaster Paul Kilbride commented “We are very keen to build and boost emotional reliance in the young people who live and study at OSH. Our next moves are to roll out mindfulness training across the School and develop an increasingly pre-emptive approach to mental health matters amongst young people, who are the future of this country.”
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