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Top Marks for Sixth Form researchers

Published Wednesday 18th of January 2017 12:23:35 PM

Sixth form students at St Benedict’s School Ealing, west London, have all gained A*s for their Extended Project Qualifications. This is the second year in a row that St Benedict’s has achieved 100% A* pass rate in this qualification, which is taken in addition to A level courses. The EPQ allows students to research and write about a subject which interests them, and is the equivalent to half an A level. It is highly regarded by universities for the academic independence and organisational skill it demonstrates. The students, who are all 18, presented their research to an audience at St Benedict’s. Matthew Carr, the Head Boy, achieved full marks for his study of Woodrow Wilson as a moral figure in politics, and his involvement with the League of Nations. Marcin Scincinski’s chosen subject was ‘Poland and the Global Financial Crisis and Recession 2007-2011'. Emma Szlachetko researched ‘The lives of women in ancient Rome: at home, in marriage and in law’, and Fran O'Neill wrote about ‘Society's perception of race, and its influence on the prosecution rates of mentally ill criminals in the UK.’ Dr Julie Greenhough, St Benedict’s Coordinator for the EPQ, said “It is always impressive to witness the academic capabilities of our students. Their success is a result of a great deal of hard work. You can tell a clever person by the answers they give, and a wise person by the questions they ask. This sums up the EPQ for me.” One student said: “With the EPQ you don’t just settle for the answers you are given: you read more, ask questions and challenge what you are told. It has also definitely increased my confidence in public speaking.”
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