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Rising ratings for Gresham's tennis ace

Published on isbi School News dated Monday 12th of September 2011

Gresham's Tom Fisher has had a terrific summer of tennis, competing in some of the top competitions in the country and rising up in the national ratings. Tom's journey to the top began on 3rd July, when he won the Norfolk County round of the U14 National Road to Wimbledon Competition, a victory which allowed him to realise the dream of any English tennis player, to play at Wimbledon in August. In this competition, he exceeded his rating-predicted position to win through the first stage qualifying rounds and make it into the main draw. Tom rose to the challenge of competing on the big stage, and was only beaten in the main draw by a professional tennis player; nevertheless, it was both a formative and thrilling experience for the young Greshamian, which included having the chance to play on two of the famous championship courts; first on Court 16 in the qualifying rounds and then on Court 18 in his doubles match.

Tom also experienced considerable success in other tournaments over the summer break, including knocking out the number 2 and 3 seeds to win the U14 singles group at the tournament in Frinton in early July, as well as earning the top place in the U14 and U16 doubles competition at the same tournament. This impressive run of victories have served as a definite boost to his confidence, and have also secured him a jump up the national ratings, placing him at 6.2. Yet Tom is not ready to rest on his achievements just yet, and is already planning to work hard to improve his game over the winter in preparation for next summer's tennis season, and the hope of similar success.
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