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Record GCSE Results at St Benedict's

Published Wednesday 14th of September 2011 02:17:48 PM

St Benedict's School is celebrating record GCSE results as the Summer 2011 Upper Fifth cohort blew all previous statistics out of the sky. The results are the best in the school's long history in every category.

101 Upper Fifth pupils took a total of 1019 subject entries, each pupil being entered for between 8 and 12 GCSE subjects. The % of passes at A* was 21.8% and the overall A*/A was 55.9% - a clear 6% above the previous best result.

46 pupils achieved 7 or more A grades including 21 who achieved 5 or more A* grades. The top performance was that of Joseph Kelly who achieved 11 A* grades. He was closely followed by Ryan Griffin with 10 A* and 1 A. Andrew Jamieson, Jarrod Joshua, Bill Lansbury and Josh Somerville all had 9 A* and 2 A grades. The ten girls in this cohort overall marginally outperformed the boys and top performer Aneeka Shah gained 7 A* and 4 A grades.

Headmaster Chris Cleugh said, 'Very well done to all the pupils and staff! This year group has set a very high standard which will now become a benchmark for future years. High academic achievement is what we expect at St Benedict's but we are always looking for ways to improve.'
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