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Year 7 Careers Development Workshop

Published by Downsend School on Tuesday 26th of June 2018

Year 7 pupils had a great day yesterday learning about potential future careers, discovering more about their own skills and how they might fit into a future career choice. They gave much thought into how and why people choose certain pathways and rose to the challenge of goal setting and advertising themselves to prospective employers. The seven different teams also completed various team-building challenges, with a certain element of competition to spice things up! In the afternoon, they learnt about how to compose an effective CV and then presented their top tips to everyone. Finally, the children rose to the challenge of a mini Dragons Enterprise, creating various business ideas from an upmarket dog pampering centre, to hi-tech tools and sunglasses, to a fashion label featuring unicorns! These ideas were fun, well-thought through and pitched impressively to their audience and a judge at the end of the day. It was a great day and all the children participated enthusiastically, demonstrating excellent behaviour; they took on a great deal of advice which helped them to deliver impressive results. We have some exceptional talent in our midst!
Year 7 Careers Development Workshop - Photo 1
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