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Education Should be About the Whole Child

Published on isbi School News dated Monday 8th of October 2018

Colchester High School is incredibly proud to announce the launch of our enhanced Character Development Programme that will be offered to all pupils from Nursery to Year 11. As a school we strive for every pupil to achieve their very best in terms of academic achievement, but we also firmly believe that education should develop children’s character and prepare them for the future, not just their ability to pass exams. The Character Development Programme aims to celebrate all the fantastic opportunities and achievements already taking place in the School, encourage the pupils to try something new, cultivate a sense of citizenship and to develop resilient, motivated and thoughtful young people who have bright and exciting futures. Mr Young, Principal said “At Colchester High School, we offer many excellent opportunities for character development to our pupils through a broad and challenging extra-curricular programme, PSHE lessons and school leadership opportunities. This programme will formalise our existing practice while adding additional activities to ensure that our pupils are happy and well-rounded and leave here ready for the exciting world ahead. If you would like additional information regarding our programme, please contact Nick Mussett, Assistant Head at 01206 573 389 or nick.mussett@cognita.com.
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