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FSM Holiday Clubs

Published on isbi School News dated Tuesday 15th of January 2019

I love my job and I am very lucky to enjoy coming into work every day. Having said that, I’m a Teacher, and as my husband would very quickly point out, I don’t go to work ‘every day’ because I have a wonderful amount of holidays compared with the expectations of the normal working population! This does not mean that we do not understand that school holidays can be a difficult time for other working parents and a juggling act for those who want to keep their children socialised and entertained. To this end, FSM has no less than two Holiday Clubs. The first is run by Mrs Kendall with other staff from the Pre-Prep. It caters for children from FSM and their friends from outside the school up to Year Three age. These clubs are great fun and although they are based in our Forest School cabin up on the Moor, they go out and about to a wide variety of places and when they are in school they get up to lots of entertaining activities back at base. The second club, run by Mr Hancock has a similar ethos. The difference here is that it caters for our older children, though younger children may also take part. It has a ‘sports’ focus but this does not mean hardcore hockey training. The Christmas club saw children rock climbing, practicing golf and enjoying Laser Quest amongst other things, as you can see on our Instagram page. The dates and times of these clubs are always issued well ahead of the school holidays and they may do a little to help when you are not on holiday. - Tracy Spottiswood
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