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Year 5 visit The Loft

Published on isbi School News dated Friday 11th of November 2011

Rather than the more usual cry of 'Are we nearly there
yet?' the exclamation was," Are we there already?' The
journey to All Saints' Pastoral Centre near London Colney
was swift. As we drew up the setting looked magnificent
with the marmalade hues of the foliage hinting at the imminent
arrival of autumn. Bathed in strong sunshine, the
girls played happily in the adventure playground or undertook
energetic games of basketball. The team of young
adult volunteers engaged our pupils in a variety of activities
to develop the theme of friendship, exploring both its
rewards and difficulties.

The highlight for the girls was the evening bonfire, located
in a small remnant of ancient woodland, within metres of
the place where Alban, a Roman soldier, was captured for
the 'crime' of converting to Christianity. Jokes, stories
and songs were followed by hot chocolate - not marshmallows
for reasons of health and safety! On the walk back to
our accommodation the girls relished being out in the dark
without artificial lighting and noticed the preponderance of
stars in the sky. And I think I saw a stoat or weasel cross
our path with rapidity.
More glorious sunshine on the Friday, which saw the girls
undertake their most extended challenge of the visit.
Working through a series of tasks, rewarded with" Loft
money' - which could be exchanged for a range of packaging
materials - the girls' task was to wrap an egg in such
a way as to reduce the chance of it breaking when fired
from a hand held pump. There was no winning group as
all of the eggs broke on impact with the ground, but the
trajectory the eggs followed viewed against the crisp blue
sky was most impressive.
All too soon we were ready to return to London, the volunteers
singing and waving us off with great affection and
high spirits. Parents of Year 5 pupils were no doubt regaled
with stories from The Loft all weekend.
The girls are to be complimented for their exceptionally
good behaviour and kindness to each other.
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