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Robots Arrive At The Unicorn School

Published on isbi School News dated Monday 28th of November 2011

Pupils from The Unicorn School years 4 and 5 classes have teamed up with engineers from Faringdon Community College to build robotic dogs using Lego 'Mindstorms' kits to complement this term's creative curriculum entitled 'The Rise of the Robots'.

Two teachers and a technician from FCC are delivering the programme which runs for 5 Tuesday afternoons at The Unicorn.

'The aim of these courses is to bring engineering into the classroom in a fun and interesting manner', commented Denis Scott, FCC course leader, 'Within the Lego 'Mindstorms' module, the pupils build a robotic dog and learn the programming language necessary to control the robot in the completion of a number challenges.'

This module is linked to the Keystage 2 National Curriculum with other programmes available in podcasting, mechanisms, electronics and animation.

Robots Arrive At The Unicorn School - Photo 1Robots Arrive At The Unicorn School - Photo 2
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