Duke of York's Royal Military School

Cleaner Air Campaign

Published on isbi School News dated Tuesday 30th of November 2021

In 2019 we launched a campaign to raise funds to help us purchase and install top of the range medical standard air purification equipment in all of our teaching classrooms and ancillary rooms.
We had researched the market place and selected IQAir Cleanzone and Healthpro high performance air purifiers. IQAir is a well established Swiss manufacturer supplying medical and government institutions all over the world, and has recently been prominent in combatting the spread of COVID-19 in medical institutions.

Their equipment is fitted with the highly effective HyperHEPA filters, computer monitored for effectiveness, which extract the tiny airborne particles produced by human mechanical pollution (PM 2.5 particulates) and also minuscule virus spores such as COVID-19. Our monitors also record the CO2 levels at any one time in each classroom, allowing us to manage the air quality and improve teaching conditions for your children.

As a result of installing this equipment in both our schools, the air inside our buildings is exceptionally pure and virus free, providing a healthy environment for your children to pursue their education.

We have invested over £100,000 in this important project and through the generosity of our parents at the time received donations of £62,500 towards this.

We would now like you to help us to make up the shortfall of £37,500 if you are able to. You may be parents who contributed before or you may be new parents who have joined the school since.
Cleaner Air Campaign - Photo 1Cleaner Air Campaign - Photo 2
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