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Published Tuesday 30th of November 2021 12:00:00 PM

On the 21st of June, Grade 6 to 8 participated in Marymount’s Semesterly STEAM Day. Students engaged in a range of activities to bring their learning to life.

Grade 6 began the day with a scavenger hunt, exploring the different ecosystems and organisms we can find on our own campus. They then ventured to the Holly Lodge Centre in Richmond Park to classify invertebrates, and to log roll and pond dip. The students loved seeing newts close up! On their return to campus, they learned about Macrophotography and captured some beautiful photos of the nature around us. They finished the day with a coding workshop, creating a story about a symbiotic relationship.

Grade 7 focussed on the connection between music, textiles, and science. They were involved in a variety of hands-on workshops on campus, including creating a 2D soft circuit (e-textile robot)! They also explored how Mozart created music through probability and took part in a workshop on the connection between physics and music, as well as creating their very own telephone system!

Grade 8 explored the way we use our senses to perceive the world. Students looked at optical illusions, experimenting on whether they are “super-tasters”, exploring how technology has changed our senses, and finally seeing how we can sense the world through dance.

Overall, an incredibly fun way to finish off the last week of the academic year!
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