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Nativity Plays at St Benedict's School

Published by St Benedict's School on Monday 19th of December 2011

In the last week of term, Pre-Prep children at St Benedict's School, Ealing performed a variety of Nativity plays in front of parents and friends. Each one had its own outlook on the Birth of Christ.

'The Innkeeper's Breakfast', performed by Pre-Prep One (Reception) featured a very busy innkeeper who just wanted to eat his breakfast! But with travellers, shepherds, kings and even Mary and Joseph knocking on the door, it was going to be a long day at the inn.

Pre Prep Two presented a stunning production of 'Christmas with the Aliens.' A group of aliens, stranded on Earth with a broken-down space craft, joined a class of children who were practising their Christmas Play. They learned all about the birth of Jesus with the help of the schoolchildren dressed in traditional Nativity costumes.

The Pre-Prep Three story, 'Prickly Hay', followed Sam and Sally, the hardworking young stable hands, who were trying to keep the stable clean and the hay fresh for all the animals that lived there.

Whether it was a hungry innkeeper, rhyming owls, rapping shepherds or aliens, the children sang catchy and uplifting songs to entertain the audience. All involved had a fun and enjoyable time, and the children deserved their applause after each performance with everyone leaving with huge smiles on their faces.
Nativity Plays at St Benedict's School - Photo 1Nativity Plays at St Benedict's School - Photo 2Nativity Plays at St Benedict's School - Photo 3
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