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House Elections

Published on isbi School News dated Tuesday 18th of January 2022

Here at WHS we pride ourselves on a truly democratic election process. Any candidates from Year 6 can put themselves forward for election and have the daunting task of preparing and delivering an election speech.

And what speeches we had this year! Barack Obama has nothing on some of our boys. We heard promises to be “fair in selecting for competitions by not just picking our friends”; we had candidates reflecting on how they “remembered in years gone by, having the difficult task of picking a leader”; and we heard oaths of taking the Houses to “unlimited success” and claims of unprecedented “administrative skills”.

All boys who put themselves up for election should be proud. Many adults are unable to stand up in front of a room of peers and deliver speeches. That our boys are able to do it with apparent ease and confidence is something to be celebrated.

All boys who put themselves forward will have won contribution stickers. Go Trojans, Persians and Spartans!
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