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The Boys are back!

Published on isbi School News dated Wednesday 11th of January 2012

Moorfield in Ilkley is delighted to announce that they are now welcoming boys as well as girls into the school. This enables both sons and daughters to be expertly educated under one roof.
The outstanding rating, given by inspectors for the school's performance for its youngest pupils was one of the reasons the decision to take boys back into Moorfield. By integrating boys from Nursery age they too will grow to thrive academically within the nurturing environment for which Moorfield is renowned. Parents are busier than ever these days and our move to be co-educational will offer a one-stop drop for whole families, making life much easier for mums and dads.

Moorfield School achieves the rare balance between academic rigour and creating a fun, friendly and caring environment in which children can thrive. Pupils are nurtured as individuals and develop the personal confidence to be successful.
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