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Published by Lucton School on Tuesday 8th of February 2022

Every year, we offer a comprehensive Scholarship Assessment Programme designed to recognise and reward talented students in a range of areas, including Art, Drama, Music, Sport, and Academics, and we encourage Year 6, Year 8 and Year 11 students from all schools to take part.

Many factors are considered when awarding a scholarship, including school reports and grades, and a notable enthusiasm for learning. We are justly proud of our reputation for nurturing individuality and, as such, hobbies and interests, including sporting achievements, performances, and all manner of extra-curricular activities and accolades will also be noted.

In addition, applicants must also demonstrate a history of excellent behaviour and good character, and a commitment to continue these qualities.

In return, students will join a friendly, proud community; an environment that will challenge and inspire them to achieve their very best, and provide them with confidence that will aid them throughout their life.

Applications for our 2022 Scholarships are open.
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