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The Kit Car Races On...

Published on isbi School News dated Tuesday 27th of September 2022

On Sunday, 11th September, both of the Design Technology Greenpower teams took their race cars to Castle Combe raceway for the last heat of the season before the 2022 international finals next month. This was to be a frustrating day but with continued effort and diligence from the drivers and engineers, Bromsgrove ended the day on a high.

Full race report from Mr Broadbent:

We arrived very early on Sunday morning where Team Chicken got through scrutineering easily and The Egg went through after a brake light modification. This brake light issue seemed to plague the team all through the practice session, along with issues pertaining to the steering wheel where we ended up borrowing one from another team for the day. After successfully navigating the course, both teams were ready for race one.

Team Chicken were up first, and the second issue of the day (a sheered battery bolt) meant that we had only one good battery for the race, with the other coming from the practice session, which was only part charged. This didn’t stop the team putting in a great performance, and although they didn’t place on the podium, they did learn a few things about the new set up… it now seemed smoother and faster; bring on race two.

The Egg was up next in the university and corporation challenge, and was hit with a handful of issues before they even got out on the grid. A broken steering wheel, continued brake light issues and so on, made it a fraught hour before the race. However, the team got the car ready with a re-wire of the light and a borrowed steering wheel and proceeded to win its class by four laps, or six miles ahead of second place kit car. Third place was seven laps down… not bad for a recycled, Frankenstein of a build.

Race 2 for Team Chicken soon came around. We had prepped the car well and loaded our new smaller drivers into the seat for another stint around the track. The drivers and the car performed amazingly well as we clawed our way back to a podium finish in third place.

Overall, we received first place in the F24 and third overall in the F24 category.

Both teams were unflinching, solved issues independently and showed Mr Matthews and Mr Broadbent how well they knew their cars.

Congratulations to the teams for their efforts:

F24: George A, Harvey P, Ollie R-H, Luca M, William J, Jacob M, Jack R and Jonnie P

F24 : Jared S, Tom W, Chris S, Morgan B and Edan B

Thank you to our sponsors for your help and support also: Easy Trucks, NS Optimum, Washford Finishings and 4QD.
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