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New School Year Assembly

Published by Gayhurst School on Wednesday 30th of November 2022

The Senior School children were welcomed back to school this morning by the Headmaster at their first Assembly of the year. The children had noticed several changes around the school, including a new putting green, studio room and wellie shed.

Several children expressed what their feelings were as the new year started and one of the year 6 children said she was happy, but sad as she said it was “my last first assembly”.

We had two very special guests visit us today; Zach and Tula who were last year’s Head Boy and Girl. They joined us with the very special task of handing over the baton to this year’s, democratically voted-in, new post holders. Isabelle and Archie were delighted when their names were read out and still stunned, made their way to the front to receive their badges.

Before they left, Zach and Tula had advice for the new Year 6s. Zach said “Make the most of it, its the best year you’ll have at Gayhurst” and Tula added, “Make sure you leave with good memories”. What words of wisdom!

Assembly over and the excited Isabelle and Archie were allowed to phone home to let their parents know of their very exciting news.

Thank you Zach and Tula and congratulations Isabelle and Archie.
New School Year Assembly - Photo 1New School Year Assembly - Photo 2New School Year Assembly - Photo 3
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