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Eltham Juniors New Buddy Bench

Published by Eltham College on Wednesday 7th of December 2022

This term Eltham Junior School have been working hard on the buddy bench. We began with a competition to design the buddy bench, which was won by Izzy, Evelyn and Sienna.

The ideas from these designs were then combined together, taking elements from each. The next stage was to prepare the plain, boring wooden bench by priming and sanding it. Then it needed 3 coats of paint. We had teams of pupils working on the bench during lunchtimes.

Once the planks were well painted, Sienna transferred the design onto the bench and then Sienna and Evelyn painted the design. It took several coats to get a good result. The message was then added and finally the whole bench covered with varnish. It has truly been a labour of love, but hopefully it will be well used on our playground by those in need of some comfort and company.
Eltham Juniors New Buddy Bench - Photo 1
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