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'Go, go, go Joseph!'

Published on isbi School News dated Thursday 16th of February 2012

On a desperately cold evening in February, St Benedict's School production of 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' provided a wonderful spectacle that gladdened the eye and warmed the heart. The school's Orchard Hall was transformed with kaleidoscopic sparkling lights, sand, palm trees and a Sphinx that transported the audience to faraway and ancient Egypt. The production was directed by Head of Drama, Katie Ravenscroft, who staged some innovative casting and demonstrated her customary skill at getting great performances out of the pupils, with musical accompaniment under the direction of Music teacher Jane Pashby.

Head Boy, Matthew Roberts, is well known around school for his smile but as Joseph his smile literally lit up the stage. He gave a towering performance in the main role. Eric Sabonchian (Reuben/Potiphar) was mesmerizing be it in sheepskin or silver lame, with a captivating stage presence and expressive face. James Moran's (Dan) fine calypso swing and Jonathan Cheriyan's (Levi) beret raising French accent were equally popular. Mr Barnes (Pharaoh), resplendent in a white rhinestone covered jumpsuit and medallion, was truly 'the King' rocking it up Egypt style. The dancing Camel (Mr Brown and Mr Foley) was described variously by the audience as 'unique' and 'something never seen before', although that description could also have applied to the Three Hairy Ishmaelites (Ms Dunlea, Mr Arratoon, Mr Bowles). The whole performance was held together by the Narrator (Dominic Tighe), suave as a 1950s Hollywood screen star in his white tuxedo and whose voice illustrated why he has been awarded a vocal scholarship at Worcester Cathedral.

English teacher Mrs Julie Greenhough writes, 'This school production of 'Joseph' was brighter, bolder and more kitsch than ever before! There were so many memorable moments that it is hard to know where to start. I did not want it to end. Along with the rest of the foot stomping, hand clapping, singing and cheering audience I could have sung along in the finale for hours more.'
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