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Personal Development Sessions With Dr Katie Armstrong

Published by Seaford College on Tuesday 21st of March 2023

Dr. Armstrong is a female health specialist and spoke to students and staff.

We’re marking International Women's Day with a series of events focusing on health and relationships.

A huge thank you to Dr Katie Armstrong, who visited the College on Friday for a talk with Year 11-13 girls. Katie spoke on a range of topics which included understanding your hormones, migraines, healthy eating, sleep, exercise, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, stress, and cortisol levels. She said: “Don’t underestimate the things you can do for yourself.”

In terms of healthy eating, she spoke about anti-inflammatory foods and recommended the Deliciously Ella podcasts and the Glucose Goddess Instagram account @glucosegoddess. She said: “Ella Woodward made a career out of the changes she made to her diet to manage symptoms she was having. There’s a huge amount of research into good nutrition for female health. Trusted sources, based on research such as the Glucose Goddess are great sources for advice and information.”

Lara Stitt, Director of Student Personal Development, said: “Female students can meet weekly, every Friday afternoon to discuss any issues they are contending with. Talking honestly with each other has been a great experience for the students. They have eagerly welcomed Dr Armstrong into their group as she talks so openly and with a great depth of knowledge and warmth that they feel assured that her advice is correct and not sensationalised as so much online information and advice is.”

Katie is a female health specialist, and she also had an informal hour for a catch up with staff after the talk.

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