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How To Prepare Your Child For Boarding School

Published on isbi School News dated Tuesday 21st of March 2023

Boarding school allows children to gain more independence at an earlier age and learn to adapt to living with people outside of their family. It increases their maturity by preparing them for adulthood. 

For many children, this is a great experience where they can experience a unique, fun and exciting education. It is said that pupils who attend boarding school are better prepared for college and university than their peers. 

Sending your child to boarding school is a massive step for both you and your child. Helping them feel prepared before they go can allow your child to settle in more easily, making the transition seem less daunting for you both. Here are our recommendations to try with your children entering boarding school.

1. Talk it Through With Your Child

Joining a boarding school and moving away from the family home can be very hard and daunting for many children. Whether your child is nervous or excited about the big move in their life, it is essential to talk to them about it. 

It is common for your child to feel worried about this new chapter in their lives, so talking through everything from homesickness to their education can help them become less anxious and understand more about boarding school. 

If your child is feeling anxious, let them know that many of their peers attending boarding school will feel the same way, and it is entirely normal to feel this way. Being open and honest with them can help them open up to you about their emotions, now and in the future.

2. Prepare Your Child For Homesickness

No matter how excited and confident your child is, there will come a time when they are away that they will become homesick. Talk through different ways that can help them when they are suffering from homesickness, such as packing a few of their favourite items from home that bring them comfort or discussing the different ways that they can get in contact with you. Knowing that you are only a phone call away can help your child immensely. 

3. Encourage Independence

Boarding school allows your child to develop social and independence skills. To help encourage and assist your child’s independence skills before they leave the family home can be beneficial. 

Start introducing activities that involve developing your child’s independence skills a few weeks before they go. Everyday chores such as tidying up or helping with the dishes allow them to discover new skills they can use and develop while boarding. 

Ultimately, encouraging your child to learn these new skills prepares them for boarding school and adulthood. 

4. Create a Routine

Boarding school is usually a lot more organised and disciplined than life at home, so creating a routine and lifestyle similar to the boarding environment can make it easier for your child to settle in. 

To help your child with this routine, create specific times for them to wake up early, eat their meals and pack their belongings for the day. This will allow them to adapt to their new boarding life and the everyday tasks they will encounter.

Here at our independent primary school, we offer many fun after-dinner activities for our pupils who board, including on-site activities such as swimming, hide and seek, and den building, and also bowling which takes place off-site. 

At St Peter’s Prep, we offer flexi-boarding on weeknights for children in Years 3 and above. All of our boarding students love their time spent here and enjoy making many memories with their friends. 

Do you want your child to experience many brilliant opportunities through learning and activities? Our boarding school may be the perfect place for your child. Discover more below.

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