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Year 6 Perform Shakespeare

Published on isbi School News dated Tuesday 21st of March 2023

Year 6 took on the challenge of performing two different abridged versions of Shakespeare plays last week. 

6C with 'Twelfth Night' and 6I 'The Tempest'. The rehearsals started hesitantly as the young performers wrestled with the language, but as the week went by they became more and more confident. Slowly the comedy of Twelfth Night became apparent and each of the characters started to blossom and enjoy their roles. 

The darkness in the Tempest was a big contrast to the lightness and sometimes silliness of Twelfth Night but the 6I cast handled it all admirably. 

By Friday morning everything was ready:  lights, sound, costumes and props were all put in place while the performers nervously awaited the school audience. The first performance was as good as one would hope a dress rehearsal could be and the feedback from the school was excellent.

Armed now with the belief that they could do it, the evening performance was a triumph. The cast all stepped up another notch and produced two wonderful performances which took some parents and staff by surprise. Rapturous applause following the final year group song was a fitting tribute to all the hard work over the week. 

Well done year 6 for all your patience and perseverance, and remember “If you can do Shakespeare, you can do anything!”  

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