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Gathering New Data

Published by The Portsmouth Grammar School on Monday 12th of June 2023

Year 10 Geography pupils and teachers made their way to Lyndhurst in the New Forest for their second full day of fieldwork.

This was for both physical and human geography topics. We first made our way to Balmer Lawn which is about 3 miles away from the main town. We quickly hurried to test the infiltration rates on different types of surface. We then took our first traffic survey as a comparison point for the one we were going to do in Lyndhurst.

We then made our way to the Lymington River to do more field work including the chance to go into the river and measure depth and velocity and points along the cross section and to test our hypothesis (the river will be fastest and the point in the middle of the river).

After a brief lunch we headed back to Lyndhurst to complete our human field work. We were investigating if Lyndhurst is a "honeypot site" and so we interviewed people about where they came from and why they were visiting. We then did a car park survey getting the opportunity to test out some of our sampling strategies before completing two traffic surveys to compare back to Balmer Lawn.

We then headed home after a very busy day and we are all looking forward to looking at our results and proving and discussing our hypotheses.

Thank you to Miss Burton, Mrs Garcia, Miss Stewart and Mrs Knott for organising and running the trip as it was a very entertaining and geography filled day.

Gathering New Data - Photo 1Gathering New Data - Photo 2
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