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Resilience & Communication PSHE Sessions With Rick Cooper

Published by Seaford College on Friday 26th of May 2023

Rick will be continuing his successful programme with Years 9-13.

 We had the pleasure of welcoming Rick Cooper back to Seaford this term. Rick is a highly sought after Life Coach and ran some inspiring personal development sessions for our Year 10 students. Rick makes a huge impact every time he speaks to students.

Lara Stitt, Director of Student Personal Development, has been developing a programme with Rick for Years 9-13 for our next academic year. She said: "Rick will work with mixed and single sex groups to build resilience, communication skills, leadership skills and self-confidence, creating a full spiral curriculum. It is an ambitious and exciting opportunity and we’re pulling together a really powerful package for our students."

 Rick said: “It's fantastic to be invited to Guest Speak on Resilience & Communication at Seaford College. The last 3 weeks working with the entire Year 10 students has been a pleasure.

Leaving them engaged and motivated, I’m excited to continue to deepen our impact on our mission to give them the life skills beyond education.

In June I welcome in the young men and women of Year 12.

The partnership I share with the school, we will explore the facilitation of the Leadership Pathway Programme going forward together in the personal development of the pupils 13-18 over a 5 year period, supporting them in an array of emotional literacy & intelligence.”


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