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Alton School Celebrates 85 Years Of Excellence

Published by Alton School on Tuesday 13th of June 2023

Our School, formally known as Alton Convent School, celebrated our 85th Birthday on 8th June, 2023. Founded in 1938, the School was started by the Sisters of Our Lady of Providence who inspired the School’s rich history and amazing community. Our School has been blessed with the presence of many dedicated individuals who have served in various capacities over the years. Sister Helen and Sister Thérèse (photo 1), have been part of the School for a significant period of time, with Sister Helen being a former student and physics teacher, and Sister Thérèse being a former headmistress. Sister Eileen, who celebrated her 92nd birthday this month was one of the School’s first eight pupils.

The sense of community at our school is something that has been fostered over many years. In fact, the school has a long history of bringing people together and creating a sense of belonging. This milestone birthday celebration was a perfect example of this. Past and current staff and pupils have shared their love for their school, with one former student stating, “I have many fond memories from my time at the convent especially remember seeing first communion after walking through snow in shorts,” with another adding, “I have such fond memories of Alton Convent, congratulations for 85 years! Sister Helen hasn’t changed since I was there all those years ago.”

The celebration that took place on Thursday 8 June was a special moment in time, when the whole school came together to sing and share cake. From Reception class to Sixth Formers, it signified the unity of our School and reminded everyone of the sense of community that was at the heart of Alton School’s foundation. Sister Helen and Sister Thérèse cutting the commemorative cake reminded everyone how much they have contributed to the development and growth of the school.

On Wednesday 24 May, the choirs, ensembles, and soloists took to the stage to perform at the 85th Birthday Concert, the audience was filled with a sense of pride and excitement. The music was beautiful, and it was clear that every performer had put their heart and soul into their performance. The celebration brought together past staff and pupils as well as current pupils, parents and staff and was a reminder that our School is more than just a place of learning.

“Alton School is a place where people feel valued, supported, and challenged to be their best. It’s no surprise to me that so many people have fond memories of their time there, and that current staff members are proud to be a part of such a wonderful community. We are all deeply grateful to the Sisters and the Congregation for their enduring service to education and our School”, Karl Guest Headmaster.

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