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Year 11 Summer Ball 2023

Published by Alton School on Monday 19th of June 2023

A night to remember unfolded as our Year 11 pupils gathered at the elegant Alton House Hotel for their much-anticipated Summer Ball.

The Summer Ball was a testament to the bonds formed during the pupils’ time at Alton School. It provided a space for them to celebrate their journey together and mark a significant milestone in their academic and personal growth.

The venue, Alton House Hotel, provided the perfect backdrop for this special occasion. The pupils, dressed elegantly, carried themselves with a sense of maturity and grace as they socialized and danced throughout the night.

Throughout the evening, the photo booth became a hub of laughter and shared moments, capturing candid snapshots that will serve as keepsakes. The sweet table added a touch of sweetness to the evening, offering a delightful selection of treats.

As the night progressed, the pupils took the time to document the evening through photographs, ensuring that the memories of this event will be cherished for years to come.

This event encapsulated the spirit of Alton School – one of fostering not only academic excellence but also the development of character, friendship, and cherished moments that last a lifetime.


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