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Lower School Celebrates Day Of European Languages

Published by Alton School on Wednesday 27th of September 2023

Today, we joined the nationwide celebration of European Languages Day with fervour and enthusiasm. In the Lower School, our pupils were fully immersed in a day dedicated to exploring the richness of European languages and cultures
The day was filled with exciting activities and highlights that left lasting impressions:
T-shirt Parade: The culmination of the day featured a vibrant T-shirt parade, where pupils proudly showcased the T-shirts they had creatively decorated throughout the day.
European Themed Lunch: Our caterers prepared a delectable European-themed lunch that delighted the senses and allowed our pupils to savour the culinary delights of Europe. It was a journey through the flavours of the continent.
Year 2 Culinary Adventure: Year 2 pupils learnt the art of crafting croissants and French pastries.
European Music Quiz: Pupils tested their knowledge of European music in a lively quiz that showcased the musical diversity of the continent. It was a harmonious exploration of European tunes and rhythms.
Musical Delights: The day was filled with musical moments, including singing an Austrian yodelling song and the spirited “Mambo Italiano.” These musical interludes transported our pupils to the heart of European melodies.
Team Identity: Our pupils embraced European identity by naming their football and netball teams after European countries.
Day of European Languages is a celebration of linguistic diversity and cultural exchange. It encourages our pupils to embrace languages as a gateway to understanding the world and connecting with people from different backgrounds.
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