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Young Filmmaker’s Selection Sparks Crowdfunds

Published by Brentwood School on Monday 16th of October 2023

Talented Brentwood School filmmaker Ore Fashesin-Souza has been selected from hundreds of Young Film Academy (YFA) members to be part of Project Paradiso, an ambitious collaborative project offering participants ‘the experience of a lifetime.’

Sixth Former Ore will join a select group of YFA’s most promising students who have been given the chance to create a stunning short film in a cinematic location against the majestic backdrop of Mount Etna on the beautiful Italian island of Sicily; an experience which could springboard his fledgling career.

Project Paradiso, is a prestigious and not-for-profit initiative, which unites educational training with a real-world film industry opportunity. Part of their selection sees each young filmmaker responsible for raising a proportion of the budget and Ore has set up this crowdfunder which will help ‘make his dreams come true.’

Ore, who is also a stalwart of the school’s Performing Arts Department, explains: “I have been creating films for around three years and I feel like every project I work on I am always learning something new. It is my greatest passion and it allows me to collaborate with like-minded people to create something magical.

“The YFA programme has played such a vital role in my development as a visual storyteller, inspiring me to take the next steps in my career as a filmmaker, especially with the YFA summer course where I got to create a film with a group of passionate young filmmakers.

“Filmmaking opportunities such as this are so rare for young people and having this opportunity may be one of the most important moments of my career. The ways in which this project will springboard my career as a filmmaker are endless. Having a professional piece of work which will be screened at countless festivals is an opportunity to get my name known as a filmmaker. The money raised will allow me and the rest of the team to take professional gear out to Sicily so we can create the film to the highest level.”

Ore was selected, along with 23 of the YFA’s most promising students aged 16-20, out of over 500 candidates for Project Paradiso 2023/2024. The once-in-a-lifetime experience will build on his Brentwood School International Baccalaureate Film course and acts as a calling card to the industry.

Ore is planning several fundraisers to achieve his £3750 target but would welcome contributions from the wider school community. If you would like to donate, please visit his crowdfunder. “Being selected for this project means the absolute world to me, so please help to make our dreams come true and support this life changing experience.”

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