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Hell's Kitchen at St Benedict's School

Published on isbi School News dated Thursday 3rd of May 2012

On Friday 27th April, St Benedict's School welcomed 120 guests for its very own charity event inspired by Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen, with The Mayor of Ealing, John Gallagher, as the Guest of Honour. The four School Houses, Barlow, Gervase, Pickering and Roberts competed against each other to raise money for several charities including Magic Breakfast, Mary's Meals, PESTS, Treloar's School and Westminster Catholic Children's Society.

There were three awards up for grabs and the pupils were judged on their cooking, table service and entertainment. The guests were hosted and entertained by Geography teacher Chloe Whittle and aspiring actor Jonathan Cheriyan (Year 11). All four houses had earlier prepared and practised their routines, but this was for real!

Barlow and Pickering went head to head in the kitchen, each House under the guidance of a professional chef. In teams of five they raced against each other, frantically cutting, dicing and preparing. For the table service award, Gervase House was against Roberts. The pupils worked tirelessly to get the food out on time. All the Houses were involved in the entertainment category, and there was a wonderful array of music performed by the pupils throughout the evening.

The menu was fit for a king: for starters - Mulled Pears with Roquefort dressing, a main course of Butter-roasted Supreme of Chicken with Wild Mushroom and Potato Gratin or Homemade Spring Rolls with Ricotta and Spinach, and finally Blueberry Trifle and Coffee with homemade chocolate and orange truffles to finish.

Finally came the moment of truth as the winners were announced. Pickering triumphed in the premier competition the cooking category. Gervase won the best table service award and Barlow provided the best entertainment.

It was a thoroughly entertaining evening enjoyed by all with over £3,000 being raised. Mrs Barradas, Barlow House Mistress and organiser of the event said, 'It was a great night. The food was excellent, the service was impeccable and the entertainment added to the whole atmosphere. I would like to say thank you to all the pupils and members of staff for making it such a rewarding experience in the School's first ever Hell's Kitchen charity event.'
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