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Thirteen Future Doctors From Stourbridge School

Published on isbi School News dated Thursday 3rd of May 2012

Thirteen - unlucky for some, but not for Old Swinford Hospital, as the Stourbridge school celebrates thirteen students being offered places at University to study Medicine.

Despite the fact that there are around ten applicants for every medicine place, several of the students received three or four offers (they are only allowed to make four applications) and receiving four offers, in the case of Peter Bridgewater, is virtually unheard of. Peter's twin brother Ben and Dan El Dalil both got three offers and between the group they received 24 offers and others may be forthcoming.

'This has been a record year for Old Swinford Hospital, not only for our future medics, who represent 10% of the cohort, but also for those students hoping to pursue careers in a wide range of other professions. We are delivering a lot of students into the caring professions, for example we have two students accepted for Pharmacy, Nursing, Vet Science and Occupational Therapy and three for Optometry and Physiotherapy' said Dr Richard Heaton, Director of Sixth Form.

'All our students set themselves very high standards and they have had to work extremely hard to reach their goals and are supported and encouraged every step of the way by both teaching staff and parents.'
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