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A Big Win For The Abbotsholme Girls!

Published by Abbotsholme School on Wednesday 24th of May 2023

We saw a big win for the U15 Abbotsholme girls on Wednesday 17th of May, beating Stamford girls with amazing efforts from everybody. Matilda, the captain, won the toss electing to bat first. Malisha Tennakoon and Matilda Atherton-Gater opened the batting, and both batted all the way through not out. Malisha hit 45 runs off 54 balls and Matilda hit 125 runs off 68 balls. With this these two managed to put on 179 runs to defend, this is an amazing partnership for the pair.

With Stamford under pressure to hit 180 runs to win the game the Abbotsholme girls defended the game amazingly by getting them all out for 106. Unfortunately, one of their players got injured and sadly didn’t get to bat. Rafi Jones and Sophie Duckmanton both took 2 wickets Rafi bowled out both of hers and Sophie bowled one of them out and Matilda took a stumping for Sophie’s first wicket. Malisha took 3 wickets in the game and her first was also the team’s first wicket of the day, which was caught by Kitty Hough.

The first player I spoke to after the game was Malisha Tennakoon. I asked her how she felt about not knowing much about Stamford’s abilities and this was her response, “I didn’t know what the team were going to be like, but I’d been told that they had gone through to the finals of the indoor tournament, that would be taking place at Lords. Unfortunately, it was the same tournament we lost in the semi-finals to Ellesmere college. Because of this I had some high expectations, but I knew that we also had a strong team, so it would be a tough match, but very possible to win.”

I also asked how she thought her game went, her response was, “I think my game went well. I batted steadily and settled in well, I also bowled decently. I could have however, scored some more runs.”

Another player I spoke to was Lucinda Mead, the first question I asked was, how she thought the game went and if it was difficult, challenging, or easy. Her response to this was: “At times the game was difficult, for example, when there was a spin on the ball, it made it quite hard to catch, but we all worked together and had faith in each other, which made everything easier.”

My next question for Lucinda was: “how did everyone play as a team?” She stated that “Everyone who is on our team is a real team player, we all clap and cheer each other on, which makes us feel more confident about ourselves. If we hit or bowled a bad ball, we always had faith in each other.

They were both asked what their favourite part of the day was, they both replied with: “Matilda’s fantastic 100 runs” and Lucinda even said she would love to be able to do that one day.

A quote from Matilda: “I’m so proud of all the girls who participated in this fixture, and I hope to see us all play together in the future, because I think we have a very talented side, who could go very far.”

Article written by Matilda Atherton-Gater

A Big Win For The Abbotsholme Girls! - Photo 1
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