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Dallington 45th Birthday

Published by Dallington School on Friday 12th of May 2023

This year 2023, marks the 45th birthday of Dallington School. In 1978, Mogg Hercules founded our amazing and progressive school as an alternative to the mainstream. In the last 45 years thousands of young people have passed through our doors on their educational journey, and many have now chosen Dallington for their own children. This year we have collaborated with children, staff and parents and set out our vision for the future: ‘Love. Grow. Succeed’, underpinned by six values very dear to our hearts and philosophy of education.

Dallington in 2023 clearly looks different from its incarnation in 1978: the school building has grown and been redesigned over time, but we are always aware of the importance of our rich history, whilst at the same time ensuring that the school is relevant to modern times.
To celebrate this wonderful milestone, children are working collaboratively on preparing for an exhibition at the end of term. Please save the date Friday 23 June 2023 and help us celebrate our 45th birthday.

Dallington 45th Birthday - Photo 1
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