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A Celebration Of Music Across Dean Close Schools

Published by Dean Close Preparatory School on Monday 15th of May 2023

Our talented Senior School music pupils showcased their exceptional skills and unwavering passion for music during an enchanting 'Across Schools' concert.

On Wednesday evening, the Centenary Hall at Dean Close Preparatory School resonated with a captivating array of musical performances, as talented Senior School pupils took center stage to showcase their exceptional skills and unwavering passion for music. The concert, featuring a diverse range of pieces, left the audience in awe of the incredible talents displayed by these young musicians. He is a write up of the remarkable contributions made by each performer, specifically looking at the Senior School pupils:

Isaac mesmerized the crowd with his impressive vocal prowess, delivering a captivating rendition of A. Caldara's "Sebben, Crudele." Isaac's tenor voice effortlessly filled the hall, infusing the piece with remarkable depth and sensitivity, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Seb enchanted the listeners with his soulful performance of the Andantino e Andante movement from H. Villa Lobos' Concerto for Guitar. With masterful dexterity and expressive playing, Seb skillfully showcased the guitar's inherent beauty, drawing the audience into a mesmerizing musical journey.

Chloe graced the stage with her mezzo-soprano voice, offering a deeply emotive interpretation of Wolf's "Verborgenheit." Chloe's exceptional vocal abilities and heartfelt delivery touched the hearts of all in attendance, evoking a profound emotional connection.

Harry demonstrated his mastery of the French horn, delivering a beautiful rendition of C. Saint-Saëns' "Romance." Harry's melodious and expressive playing captivated the audience, as they were swept away by the enchanting sounds resonating throughout the hall.

Imogen's angelic soprano voice filled the space, captivating the audience with a heartfelt rendition of J. S. Bach's "Bist du bei mir." Imogen's remarkable vocal control and graceful poise allowed the emotional depth of the piece to shine through, creating a truly magical and captivating performance.

The audience was treated to a spellbinding piano performance by Ubani skillfully played C. Norton's "Jingo." Ubani's nimble fingers danced across the keys, bringing the rhythmically jazzy piece to life. The captivating melodies and infectious energy emanating from the piano enthralled the listeners, leaving an indelible mark on their musical memories.

The Lower Sixth Vocal Consort delivered a remarkable rendition of W. Byrd's "Civitas Sancti Tui." Their flawless execution of the complex five-part arrangement showcased their unwavering dedication and passion for choral music. The harmonious voices of the ensemble resonated harmoniously, resulting in a truly breathtaking performance.

The evening proved to be a testament to the exceptional talents and commitment of the Senior School pupils at Dean Close School. Their performances, ranging from vocal prowess to instrumental mastery, left an indelible mark on the hearts of the audience, ensuring a truly unforgettable musical experience for all in attendance. A huge congratulations goes out to all involved.

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