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'Be Yourself' Week 2023

Published by Sir William Perkins's School on Friday 31st of March 2023

The last week of the Spring term was dedicated to our 'Be Yourself' wellbeing week, during which students celebrated their individuality and uniqueness, whilst promoting an ongoing culture of acceptance and kindness across school.

The aim of the week was to create a safe and supportive environment where all students continued to feel comfortable being themselves and expressing their unique qualities. It was wonderful to see that our students embraced this opportunity to explore their interests and talents, whist respecting and appreciating the diversity of backgrounds, interests, and personalities across our community.

During the week, a variety of activities and events designed to encourage self-expression, creativity and teamwork unfolded, including:

  • Student contribution to a 'positive affirmations' board

  • Talks on neurodiversity

  • A session on Passover and a film screening on the Prince of Egypt

  • A SWPS Alumnae talk on a personal journey to Cambridge University and the experience as a woman in the construction industry

  • A SWPS charity shop

  • A staff v Sixth Form 'bench ball' match

  • A culture day

Our students were encouraged to participate in as many activities as possible and reflected on the messages and themes presented throughout the week. We hope that the week has a lasting impact on our students, empowering them to be their true selves and to celebrate their individuality throughout their life.

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