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Solihull School Photographic Competition

Published on isbi School News dated Thursday 16th of November 2023

Solihull School Photographic Competition

Some opportunities are simply far too good to be missed so, when Solihull School offered free tickets to attend an audience with world-renowned conservationist Dr Jane Goodall DBE, Miss Stevenson was straight on the case to secure front row seats for 15 lucky boys. An invitation to all pupils in Years 3 to 6 to enter a ‘Nature and Wildlife’ photographic competition followed and Mrs Doble’s artistic eye was cast over the entries as the school whittled down the long list until the winners were identified. In truth, the quality of the entries was of the highest standard with five of the photographs being displayed at Solihull on the day of the event. All those who entered the competition received the coveted Headmaster’s Commendation while the fifteen winners were treated to an experience they will never forget.

Max (Year 5) had the added good fortune to be able to ask a question and simply enquired as to Dr Goodall’s greatest achievement. The answer tripped off the togue with the assurance of one so dedicated to her cause – convincing the scientific community that humans and animals were not so different and were, in fact, closely aligned in more ways than had previously been accepted, along with the launch and success of ‘Roots and Shoots’, a world-wide environmental and humanitarian programme inspiring young people to foster hope for the future through action now.

 Solihull School Photographic Competition - Photo 1 Solihull School Photographic Competition - Photo 2 Solihull School Photographic Competition - Photo 3
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