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Eton Museum Of Antiquities.

Published by Aldro on Monday 15th of January 2024

Form 3 enjoyed a wonderful morning at Eton's Museum of Antiquities. They investigated the artefacts, including, shabtis, death masks, hieroglyphics, mummified heads and even a cat. They held and discussed canopic jars and scarab beetles and looked at the preserved sarcophagus. After listening to an enthralling talk about the afterlife, mummification and the Gods, they still had time to illustrate a frieze of the things they would take into the afterlife, play a game of matching Gods and decipher hieroglyphics to crack the code.

Eton Museum Of Antiquities. - Photo 1Eton Museum Of Antiquities. - Photo 2Eton Museum Of Antiquities. - Photo 3
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