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The First Greenpower Car Race Of The 2023 Season

Published by West Buckland School on Monday 22nd of May 2023


A team of ten pupils participated in the first Greenpower Race of the season, Sunday 21st May at RMB Chivenor.

The practice race commenced with several hurdles, including multiple red flags and a particularly unsettling accident at turn three for another team. Fortunately, the driver emerged unscathed, although precautionary measures were taken. Undeterred by this incident, the team remained resolute in their pursuit of success.


The first race presented an unexpected setback when the WBS Flyer endured a glancing blow from another team’s car. Thankfully, the impact resulted in minimal damage. However, a few laps later, a major challenge emerged as the motor bracket twisted, causing a misalignment of the chain and rendering the car immobile. With swift action from the pit crew, the car was pushed 400 meters down the runway for assessment and repair. Despite losing precious race time, the team’s determination shone through as they rejoined the race. Ultimately, they achieved a commendable 7th place in their class.


Seeking redemption, the team demonstrated a remarkable performance in the second race. Seamless driver changes and effective communication among team members stationed around the track minimized delays caused by other teams. With unwavering spirits and the car performing at its peak, they crossed the finish line after 90 minutes with an impressive pace. Our team finished first in class, with a significant lead, and secured fifth place overall in the race. This outstanding result has qualified them for the finals in Goodwood in October.

This achievement provides an opportunity to express heartfelt gratitude to The Foundation for all their support. Their contributions have played an instrumental role in enabling the team to compete at such a high level, especially considering it is only their second season. The team is immensely grateful for their belief and commitment to their success.

Well done, team! We are incredibly proud of you. Stay tuned for more updates on their journey to excellence.

The First Greenpower Car Race Of The 2023 Season - Photo 1The First Greenpower Car Race Of The 2023 Season - Photo 2The First Greenpower Car Race Of The 2023 Season - Photo 3
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