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Prep School Pupils Send A Message To COP 28

Published by Strathallan School on Friday 8th of December 2023

Following their presentation, the organisers of the Youth Call to Action have requested to show ‘Our Ocean, Our Future’ in the main COP 28 Blue Zone event for world leaders and delegates to see and hear.

Miss Morris, who has helped the Prep School Eco-Council grow at the school said, “The Ocean is essential to our survival, yet we treat it with neglect. Our pupils are working hard to recognise and remedy this. They have driven so much of this year’s efforts and were thrilled to speak at COP28 this month.”

Earlier this month, Strathallan School was awarded the Eco-Schools Green Flag, recognising the environmental efforts of both Senior and Prep pupils over the last 12 months. These efforts include planting over 400 trees, reducing waste in the dining hall and rewilding over 53 acres of campus.

Strathallan Prep Pupils launched a sustainability initiative called ‘Bee the Change’ in April 2023, when they presented their ideas to a United Nations Water Conference.

'Our Ocean, Our Future' was created by Miss Morris and the Prep School Eco-Council with help from Dominic Glasgow.

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