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Dove International Diploma

Published by Godstowe School on Friday 13th of October 2023

Here at Godstowe, we are fortunate enough to educate pupils from a diverse range of nationalities and cultures. Within the 100 strong boarding community alone, there are 16 different nationalities represented. Our overseas girls add strength and depth within the academic arena, as well as to our sports teams, to music and the arts.

In order that all girls in the Upper Division gain the best experience from their time at Godstowe, the school devised the Dove Diploma. Additionally, this year, staff have added a bespoke programme for our overseas girls in Walker and Turner Houses.

 The Dove International Diploma runs alongside the Dove Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. It is completed within boarding time during the course of an academic year. It provides pupils from overseas with the opportunity to both explore their culture and to share it amongst a wider community. It also gives these girls the chance to improve their knowledge of British values and customs.

The Dove International Diploma comprises six elements, namely:

British Values - girls explore the fundamental British values which underpin today’s modern society within the UK. They are encouraged to, for example, take up a traditional British hobby or to cook a British meal.

Languages - the girls’ natural curiosity is encouraged as they learn words and phrases, allowing them to communicate in the mother tongue of their friends.

British Visits - places of cultural heritage, well-known outdoor spaces are visited throughout the year, providing girls from overseas with an insight into British history and tradition. Last weekend, for example, or boarders could be found, wandering around both Hughenden Manor and Windsor Castle!

Famous People - girls are encouraged to celebrate and share some of the famous and iconic people of their home countries. Famous sportswomen, pop artists, royalty and politicians are celebrated, fostering a broader understanding of each others home countries.

My Culture - there is an annual International Weekend, which celebrates the diversity of cultures present at school. Dances and songs are performed in traditional dress. International food is provided by the catering team. Key dates are recognised - last weekend so us celebrating Nigerian Independence Day with Jollof rice and chicken.

Connectons – girls are encouraged to spend time with those from different backgrounds and cultures, forge international friendships which last into adulthood. Last Summer, for example, British girls who hosted overseas borders at Exeat weekends, had the favour returned during the summer holidays, with visits to Madrid, Lagos and Hong Kong.

As Godstowe boarding continues to thrive and globalisation has an increased presence within the UK schooling, we shall continue to welcome an increasingly diverse range of pupils, both from within the UK and further afield.

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