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Ski Trip to Mont Tremblant, Canada

Published by Godstowe School on Thursday 16th of March 2023

After months of anticipation 32 of us from Middles, Uppers and Fourths set off on the Godstowe Canada Ski Trip 2023. We were  joined by 5 teachers. Mrs Reynolds, Ms De Villiers, Mrs Sloggett, Miss Hearnshaw and Mrs Skinner.

The journey to Mont Tremblant was quite exciting and for some of us a new experience. We left school at 12.00 and headed to the airport. We then split up into groups and took a look around the terminal. We were in terminal 5 so all the shops were very nice. The flight left quite late in the evening, so we flew overnight to Montreal where we landed at 11pm Canadian time. There was a bus that took us to the hotel and we all fell asleep on it quite quickly. 

The lodge we arrived at was lovely, there were big apartment rooms where we could be with 7 of our friends. Each morning and evening we would walk through the gorgeous town to have our food at the cafeteria with other schools.

On the first day we woke up at 6am and fitted our skis, boots and helmets and we collected our poles and ski passes. We then skied down a beginner slope to be put into our various ski groups. We all skied in our new groups until 11.30 where we met back for lunch. There was one advanced group of 6, two intermediate groups and one beginner group. At lunch we went to an Italian restaurant and some had pizza and some had pasta. We continued to ski until we met back at the hotel at 3.00pm to relax, unpack and get ready for dinner. 

On the 2nd day we joined up with another ski group and it was really fun because it meant we got to be with all our friends. We stayed in this group for the rest of the week. Each morning we were given $20 for lunch from our pocket money and we met at the top of the mountain to eat. That is where we ate our lunch for the rest of the trip and the food there was really nice. It was also a good experience because we got to learn more about the different way sales tax is presented in Canada. We finished the day going on a really cool run called the Tam-Tam which had lots of monkey trails (runs through trees) within it.

The evening activities throughout the week were absolutely amazing. On Saturday we were all taken out for Hot Chocolate in the town. It was delicious and everyone gave it nothing but 5 star reviews. 

On Sunday we went to a waterpark and it was so much fun! Everyone enjoyed it hugely and the slides were awesome. 

On Monday we went bowling and there was a huge surprise waiting for us. An iconic yellow school bus was waiting to take us. Bowling was great fun and everyone did brilliantly. 

On Tuesday we all went to an escape room venue. We were split up into groups and even though only one group escaped successfully it was still interesting and fun to try to work out the codes and look for clues.

Wednesday was a little different because it was our last day. We finished skiing at 2.30 because we had to hand back all our equipment. Then we went tubing, which is sliding down snow hills sitting in big rubber rings. It was absolutely incredible and I would love to go again. There were 8 slopes of increasing incline. On the lowest you could ride with four people and on the highest you could ride with only two and then the others were for three people. It was so cool to see the teachers going down the hills, they were so fun. After that we went home, had dinner and went to laser tag. Laser Tag was really fun and even though I started off confused with which way the gun was meant to be held I eventually got the hang of it and the team I was in ended up winning our match! 

On the final day we started the day off with breakfast and then finished our packing. The teachers then came to check our rooms just to make sure nothing had been left behind. We drove to an outlet mall where we spent three hours in groups of four, shopping and eating our lunch. It was really enjoyable and fun to have the freedom of going round the shopping mall by ourselves, it made us all feel much more grown up. We went to the airport where we also could look around by ourselves until the teachers gave out awards in the waiting area. It was really nice to see all my friends get prizes. From best dressed to most improved, the prize winners all worked hard and the prizes were well deserved.

The skiing throughout our trip was very exciting with great runs and lovely scenery and we were very lucky to have good weather and the evening activities were really enjoyable.

Unfortunately at 9.00 we were all sad to say goodbye to Canada but were all very excited to see our parents and very grateful to the teachers for a lovely trip.

I have learnt a lot this holiday, that teachers are a lot of fun, that I can live a long time with my friends, I have learnt to be more independent in airports where my parents would have helped me, I have learnt more about how to spend my money wisely and I had loads of fun with my friends.  I thoroughly recommend this trip to everyone who is lucky enough to have the opportunity to go.

Ski Trip to Mont Tremblant, Canada - Photo 1
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