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Young Musician Shines Bright

Published by Brentwood School on Thursday 29th of February 2024

Brentwood School Year 9 virtuoso Rose Buggle has emerged triumphant at the Stratford Young Musician Competition, sweeping nine individual trophies, including Most Outstanding Performance.

Music Scholar Rose secured victories across various disciplines with her unparalleled talent. From achieving the highest mark ever awarded in the Confinemento class to dazzling audiences with her harp performance and acting prowess, Rose's dominance in the competition, which featured over 500 participants, was undeniable.

Adjudicator Rosie Whitfield, was captivated by Rose’s rendition German Lied, saying Rose's vocal talent surpassed even that of seasoned 25-year-olds in her classes. The adjudicator was in fact so impressed with Rose’s Mezzo-Soprano voice that she extended a rare invitation for Rose to audition for Guildhall's advanced classes in both singing and acting, a privilege only normally given those aged 16 and above. As a school, we already have a rich musical partnership with Guildhall and are excited to see this relationship thrive through Rose’s success.

Brentwood School’s Director of Performing Arts and Music, Mr Florian Cooper proudly commented: 'Rose Buggle is fast becoming one of the leading young talents in the national classical singing picture. We are incredibly proud of her multiple achievements and the many successes she is enjoying are testament to her extreme commitment, determined work ethic and fabulous talents'

We look forward to hearing the outcome of Rose’s audition, and will continue to watch her take the classical world by storm.

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