The Beacon School Leaderboard 09/05

Iain Mahony Delivers Impactful Wellbeing Talk

Published by Culford School on Wednesday 24th of January 2024

Guest Speaker Iain Mahony delivered a seminar on mental wellbeing to Upper Fifth and CulfordVI students last week. Titled 'A Slow Crash,' the talk delved into his journey through Uppingham School and university life, addressing mental health challenges and the subsequent reliance on drugs and alcohol to cope. His powerful message emphasised the importance of reaching out for support if facing any struggles before they escalate.

An Upper Fifth pupil reflected on the impact of the talk, noting how it made him think about people with low self-esteem and how to help them. He felt a sense of freedom after hearing the speech and was grateful not to have had to experience what Iain did when he was his age.

An Upper Sixth student said he found the message about peer pressure particularly impactful, highlighting the relevance of the talk for their age group. 

Iain Mahony Delivers Impactful Wellbeing Talk - Photo 1
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