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St Helen's School Celebrates 125 Years of Inspiring Future Leaders.

Published by St Helen's School on Monday 25th of March 2024

It was a wonderful day as we celebrated our 125th anniversary on Friday, 19 January 2024. While it was a very different world back in 1899 to the world we live in today. Miss May Rowland Brown, a visionary educator believed in providing girls with a high-quality and well-rounded education, and it is this proud heritage that we continue to inspire in our students today.

The celebrations began at the Prep School where staff and students came dressed in Victorian-style outfits, reflecting the era when the school was established. They each contributed 1p, equivalent to a day’s tuition fees in 1899. Later in the day there was a sense of joy and awe as the Senior School gathered for a special assembly to celebrate the occasion and learn more about the history of the school.

One of the highlights of the day was the presentation of commemorative pins to every student and member of staff. These pins were designed by Elana, a Year 6 student, who won a school-wide competition for her creative and elegant design. The pins feature an image of a daisy which shares a special place in the hearts of our school community. Chosen as the school emblem by Miss Rowland Brown thanks to its proliferation over the hills of Northwood at the time. She explains that she was inspired by the daisy and all that it represented for St Helen’s;

“The daisy is a flower of the field that grows resiliently throughout the fields of Northwood. It is recognisable thanks to its bright yellow heart and golden hue of love.” – Miss Rowland Brown.

It has come to represent the embodiment of the values of St Helen’s, and it is fitting that it should form the central tenant to our 125 emblems. Elana commented that she was honoured and delighted to have had her design chosen. Leela, a Year 3 student, was the runner-up in the competition, and both were celebrated for their efforts.

Ever since its founding, St Helen’s has continued to stay true to its founding principles, and these continue to inspire our students to be confident, curious, and compassionate learners, who are ready to make a positive difference in the world.

St Helen's School Celebrates 125 Years of Inspiring Future Leaders. - Photo 1St Helen's School Celebrates 125 Years of Inspiring Future Leaders. - Photo 2
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