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Beacon Boys Win The Rotary Technology Tournament 2024

Published by The Beacon School on Tuesday 23rd of April 2024

Twelve DT-enthusiasts in Years 5-8, from The Beacon boys school, entered in small teams to compete against 12 other schools in the challenging competition hosted at the Chiltern Hills Academy in Chesham with one of the teams of four going on to win the foundation category of the tournament.

Each year, the Rotary Club organise Technology Tournaments across the country. The Technology Tournaments inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists, putting their STEM skills to the test.

The one-day tournament was split into 3 different categories: Advanced (16-18 years), Intermediate (11-16 years) and Foundation (aged 8-11 years). Teams, typically of four pupils, must solve an interactive technology-based task and are required to design, develop and build a solution with the materials supplied. The tournament then culminates in a testing session where each team demonstrates their best solution for other teams to observe. The tournament was judged by Rotary members and guests with backgrounds in engineering, technology and design.

The same task scenario with the same outcome is provided to all teams for a set duration, but with different difficulty levels according to the category. The scenario for this year’s task was that provisions needed to be delivered to a village after heavy floods that destroyed all access roads. The only way out was using a cable that was suspended across a river. Each team needed to design and build a gondola that could be sent across the river (foundation) drop its payload on the other side (intermediate) and return over the river (advanced). Basic materials like wood, pullies, an electrical motor, and batteries were provided. The teams had to research and plan the structures and electronics.

The Beacon entered with four strong teams who produced incredibly innovative and sound structures. Two of The Beacon teams participating were a team of pupils who were selected from their own internal ‘Masters of Innovation (MOI) Competition’. The two winning teams from this in-house competition were invited to compete at the Rotary Technology Tournament 2024 to determine first place!

The third team invited to participate in the Rotary Technology Tournament 2024 was made up of four Year 6 boys who are passionate about DT and constantly show a special interest, regularly helping other boys in and outside of lessons. This team were victorious in winning the foundation category of the tournament, a fantastic achievement.

The task was not easy, particularly under time pressures. The boys worked hard and excelled under pressure, once again showcasing the fantastic talent at The Beacon.

The Beacon is an inspiring Independent Prep School and Nursery for boys aged 3 to 13 in Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

Visit their website, beaconschool.co.uk for information about The Beacon.

The Beacon School, 15 Amersham Road, Chesham Bois, Amersham, Bucks HP6 2PF
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